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"I have lived in the Caldwells for many years. I knew how awesome it was but I didn't really know just how much our town comes together, especially in a time of need. My daughter Bella Sophia passed away from leukemia almost two years ago at the age of 7. Friends of the 'Well were so very caring, sympathetic, and generous. I was so surprised and felt such appreciation for the good people and organizations in this world. Friends of the 'Well, thank you for everything you do 💜"
~ Brittany M. 

"My family was a recipient of Friends of the 'Well generosity when we unexpectedly lost our home earlier this year. Although you know things like this CAN happen, you never really think it WILL happen to you. We are so fortunate to belong to a community filled with so many who were immediately there to help us in our time of need. Nicole and Patrice made it a point to meet with me in person and explained the work they do as Friends of the 'Well - and truly showed their kindness and compassion. I hope the spirit of generosity and community that this organization has cultivated continues to help many others in our community for years to come"

~ Christine K.

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