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Friends of the 'Well

Friends of the 'Well was established in 2020; we throw two major events each year a Christmas Cheer and a Kentucky Derby Gala that bring in revenue to help the community. We found out that we needed to do something to help so us 3 parents got together to make something happen. We are all parents living in the Caldwell-West Caldwell area. We found out that over 150 people were using the Caldwell Food Pantry; many people were having hard times, and we figured out why not help these families more than just the Food Pantry. We started this organization to help these families out with medical bills, the death of a family member, etc. We have given over $25,000 to local families; all the processes of the events go to any family in town. We choose the family to donate the money towards friends and family who come to us and tell us to know that they need help. We have helped James Caldwell High School with some equipment that was needed for the school's weight room. Our mission is to be able to help our local families in need when times are hard. 

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