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Friends of the 'Well

Nicole Greco-Peepas & Patrese Lattimer

Est. 2020

  • Founded in Caldwell - West Caldwell, New Jersey

  • With your help we have donated $25,000 to local families

  • 100% of your funds will go directly to the families in need

  • Our mission is to help your families from having financial struggles

  • With our events twice a year we are able to fundraise money to help support those in need

  • We are ALL in the 'WELL together! 



Nicole Greco-Peepas has been a Caldwell-West Caldwell resident for 16 years. She is married to Nick Peepas and has two children; Niko and Nicia Peepas. She has been involved in the town council and has had various HSA positions. Nicole is a personal trainer at a local gym in Caldwell and private trains on her own as well. Nicole loves her town and the people in it. Nicole's goal is to see her town thrive. She got involved in Friends of the Well to help local members of Caldwell-West Caldwell from donations the organization would receive from throwing two huge parties each year

Patrese Lattimer has lived in Caldwell for the past 22 years with her husband and three boys. She grew up in the Caldwells and Essex Fells and has always had a great connection with the community. She and her husband own a local business in town; she is always been involved with Caldwell. Patrese has always been involved in schools and fundraising. She loves to make a difference in the lives of others. 



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